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Akukut photograph

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The Akukut™ is a precision, hand-held device into which a single edge blade is clamped. The bottom section is an adjustable ruby-hard foot, which can control the depth of cut to less than a thousandth of an inch. The blade is on the ousted surface of the Akukut so that it is in contact with the straight edge.

Akukut can be used in a left or right hand mode, by the simple reversal of a clamping pin. To make the Akukut more convenient, two facets are provided on the bottom surface of the foot. On the rear facet, the Akukut is moved into position without contacting the cutting edge. The unit is then rocked forward to the other facet, engaging the cutting edge to the precise depth.

It is idea for slitting backings of decals and pressure-sensitive labels with the elimination of cutting too deeply into the actual material or cutting your fingers.

  • Scribes or cuts corrections in a top layer of film or paper without affecting carrier sheet
  • Uses a single edge razor blade which lasts and lasts because the blade is held accurately without waver, wander or wobble.
  • Cuts squarely with minimum burr.
  • Makes it impossible to cut into the straight edge.
  • Eliminates cut fingers.
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