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The new series of TBX1000™ Black and White Transmission Densitometers measures ISO Visual diffuse Optical Density (OD) from 0.00D to 6.60D.  This wide measuring range allows evaluation of many types of films, laminates, and substrates. The enhanced optics were developed for measuring metalized films and many types of plastics with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The TBX1500™ also calculates positive and negative dot areas while the TBX2000™ measures percent opacity and percent transmission.
Click Here for information on the NEW TBX1000™ and TBX1500™     
Click Here for information on the NEW TBX2000™

Click Here for information  on the NEW TBX1000C™ color transmission densitometer that measures color densities for Red, Green, and Blue filters. Custom filters,including for infrared or ultraviolet, can be used. 

The TBX1000C insures consistent process control in the manufacture for films, laminates, and substrates.

Click Here for more information on the CLM, and the Tobias closed loop system. The CLM interfaces automated sheet fed and web press consoles with scanning densitometers to automatically adjust the ink keys to maintain color quality throughout the press run.


There has not been an accurate method for measuring transmission densities of metallized film.  The TBX1000 and TBX2000 transmission densitometers were specially developed to take into account the unique optical properties of metallized film. In addition, the TBX1000 series of densitometers will measure densities of a wide range of opaque and transparent materials. The units can handle materials that have densities as high as 6.60D with great accuracy and precision. By setting a density or opacity standard, your quality control department can evaluate the coatings on the film.  

Click Here for information on the TBX1000   transmission densitometer.    Click Here for information on the TBX2000   transmission densitometer.

Send in your densitometer for service every two years to ensure that your Tobias densitometer will maintain the functionality of a brand new unit. A full calibration will also be performed and a Certificate of Compliance will be issued. This program will meet most ISO9000 specifications.


Click Here If any competitive manufacturer won't repair your densitometer, trade it in for a new Tobias densitometer. We will give you an attractive allowance, whether it still works or not. Tell us what you have and the densitometer you want.

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